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Digitize your Service
Availability, fast support and transparency are the foundation for excellent service. You will have all this under control with my DMG MORI – and at no extra charge.

Dr. Thomas Froitzheim
Managing Director, DMG MORI Global Service GmbH

More than 25,000 customers worldwide ...

... trust in the my DMG MORI customer portal as their entry into the digital service world.

Create service inquiries quickly and directly online and have all information at your fingertips at all times thanks to live status, track & trace and access to all documents – this and a lot more make my DMG MORI an absolute must for every DMG  MORI customer.



“You see what we see.”

Direct cooperation on one platform

  • 24/7 availability
  • Faster support
  • Maximum transparency

> 25,000

customers and

> 125,000


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Digital maintenance with WERKBLiQ –
the upgrade is that easy

Extend the functionalities of my DMG MORI and administrate your entire machine park with the upgrade to WERKBLiQ. Obtain an intelligent view of your plant quickly and easily and make expensive machine downtimes a thing of the past.

Your advantages

  • Automatic take-over of the DMG MORI machines (including history)
  • All my DMG MORI functions integrated
  • Holistic integration of third-party machines and test-relevant objects
  • Secure documentation for all maintenance-relevant activities
WERKBLiQ turns reactive service into proactive service. You have the entire service cycle well under control and neatly documented in your digital machine file.
Learn more about WERKBLiQ

Transform your maintenance across manufacturers with WERKBLiQ

starting at € 99.–

per month

Integrate machines and
objects holistically

It’s all about your system and the machine. But how can the most exotic machine park with elements from different manufacturers be integrated into one system?

Central administration
of your documents

No more long searches, workshop visits or paperwork wars. Here you can learn how to manage your technical documentation for your maintenance work centrally and from any location.

Sustainable implementation
of maintenance

Maintenance dates often pass by, forgotten. You will regret this by the time the next audit or incident happens. With the digital maintenance planner, you are always on the safe side.

Precisely control

An incident report can take a long time to reach the appropriate employee in the workflow. And even then, the most important information is often missing.

Keep an eye on all key figures
with analyses

Stay in control as a maintenance manager. You can only improve on what’s been measured. Do you know how high your production and maintenance costs were last quarter?

Quickly implementing

WERKBLiQ can be implemented into any software architecture within just a few weeks. The implementation includes the transfer of data and the configuration of different accesses, for example.

Maintenance Plus


with price advantage!

Fixed price

incl. arrival and departure!

10% discount

on spare parts!

  • Plannable costs, less unplanned downtime
  • Fixed price incl. arrival and departure with price advantage
  • 10 % special discount on services and spare parts resulting from maintenance
  • 36 month runtime (new machines), 24 months (existing machines)
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