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The connectivity of our machines is the basis for all important future technologies. Combining SECURE CONNECTIVITY with MESSENGER, you can increase your machine utilization by 10 % in just a few months.

Johannes Egger
Product Manager Digital Solutions

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Secure Connectivity

The basis for the secure utilization of future technologies

Connectivity is the foundation for the digital manufacturing of the future. The IoTconnector accesses the sensor data of your machine and makes it available via a secured OPC-UA interface. The IoTconnector provides you with 17 machine signals for automated machine data acquisition (MDA), which you can use in combination with Messenger, TULIP or 3rd-party software (for example). All that with the highest level of data security thanks to the close attunement between the manufacturer’s hardware and software.



Higher machine utilization through detailed machine monitoring

DMG MORI Messenger uses the data provided by IoTconnector and automatically creates detailed analyses on your machine utilization and unplanned machine downtimes. This increases the transparency of your manufacturing and provides you with access to status histories, shift calendars and machine logbooks at all times. You are also notified automatically in the case of unplanned downtimes which allows you to react faster and increase your machine utilization.


Netservice + my DMG MORI

Faster troubleshooting thanks to more efficient service

NETservice allows you to maximize your machine operating times thanks to faster troubleshooting in the case of downtimes and problems. Quickly and easily connect to a service technician, who will then be able to identify problems faster based on the machine data provided by IoTconnector, which you can then solve together as a team. NETservice can thus help you to effectively reduce the downtimes of your machines. You also have access to the my DMG MORI customer portal, which is used worldwide by over 20,000 customers with more than 100,000 registered machines.



Higher productivity thanks to digital workflow APPs, with over 500 improvements since 2013

The latest CELOS version offers even more possibilities to make your manufacturing processes paperless. You can now import order data directly from ERP systems into the new JOB MANAGER to make all important order data available to your employees directly on the machine. With APPLICATION CONNECTOR, some applications, such as ERP, NC and manufacturing data management, can be called up directly on the machine by the machine operator. And the integrated TULIP PLAYER allows you to simply call up your own TULIP APPs to track quality, production and errors directly in CELOS.


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Build your own app!

New: Your TULIP APPs on the machine

  • No Code: Customized APPs from assembly to setup instructions
  • Easy access: Access to TULIP APPs directly on the machine on CELOS V6
  • Adaptable templates for quality controls, setup procedures and error and missing part reports
  • Process documentation
  • Quality data acquisition
  • Machine data acquisition
  • Setup instructions
  • Digital operator training
  • Tool management
  • Problem and missing part reports
  • and much more
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Tulip on the machine

Use of TULIP APPs on the machine at EBEL Werkzeugbau GmbH for order tracking during production.

Tulip next to the machine

Digital operator guidance with interactive TULIP checklists in spindle assembly at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten.


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